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Shamanic Spirit Song was inspired by seeing the deep need for people to connect to their hearts and Mother Earth. By connecting our own heartbeats to the heartbeat of the Earth, the awareness that we are all intertwined and one with nature is palpable. Through this awareness of the world, spirit and consciousness around us, transformation, joy and a fully expressed life is inevitable.

Sue believes being witnessed and held in community amplifies the healing and change we all crave. By partnering with each other and nature, this work can be done more powerfully and gracefully.

For many years, Sue lived by survival instinct and fear. Ten years ago, Sue reached a turning point. Sue like many found herself seeking more joy, meaning and a healthier relationship with herself and others. Though indigenous and shamanic teachings her life has been profoundly changed and now she is inspired to work with others committed to realizing their authentic selves and deepest desires.

More About Sue

As long term professional in women’s health as a mammography technologist, Sue has always had a passion for helping people through the health process. This expanded during her 30 years to include a growing exploration of alternative techniques and more heartful ways to navigate our health care process.

She became a Reiki Master while studying with her teacher, Lisa Campion, with whom she also trained in Psychic Development. Sue attended the three-year Healer Training Program at Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine School, and became a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Sue studied with Initiated Elder Ann Sousa learning the Divination Cloth and the Dagara Cosmology which comes from Malidoma Some and Burkia Faso in West Africa. She also studied The Four Forces and the principles and skills of conscious evolution with Trish Blain. And was trained to gift the Munay-Ki Rites by Heather Ensworth,PhD and Gail Byrnes, Mac, Lic.Ac. at the Rising Moon Healing Center.

Sue has explored many different modalities, however when she was introduced to indigenous teachings, there was a heart knowing that she had found a significant path to personal transformation. She began to seriously study and learn about the Native American, West African, and Peruvian Traditions of Shamanism. The rituals she experienced with these Shamanic traditions helped to shift her old wounds in profound ways.

Her connection to the Earth and Nature deepened as she developed into a Shamanic Practitioner. Sue is committed to these studies on an ongoing basis to help herself and her clients; and in conjunction with her other trainings and gifts, she shares the wisdom and honor of assisting others in their transformation.

“Into The Heart/ The Polarity of Wholeness.” is Sue’s first book.

The Book can be found at Amazon.com .

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Individual Session Work

Each session is a unique creation bringing together a variety of techniques and elements in order to facilitate personal transformation. Sessions can focus on physical, emotional or spiritual issues which are often interrelated. Through being fully present in our bodies and taking ownership of our own growth process we can make healthier decisions about our lives.

Sessions are $125 per hour and may be done in person in Arlington, Massachusetts or via Skype. Sessions are available for 30 minutes and are $65 and 90 minutes are $175.  Each individual session may include one or more of the following:

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Spirit Songs
Sue mystically weaves ancient songs into individual sessions. These energetic transmissions help you come back to your natural essence. They are channeled and brought through specifically for you.

Energy Medicine
The body is made up of many different systems. Your energy systems is just as important as your digestive or nervous system. In fact they are all connected. Using a variety of techniques including Full Spectrum Healing, Rhys Method and Chakra balancing, Sue is able to read energy and identify where there is a need for clearing, amplification and reconstruction of the energy body.

Spiritual Guidance
At times in our life we need support on multiple levels. Sue is there as an ally in helping to navigate life’s lessons and growth opportunities. She aligns with positive potential while navigating shadow and emotional pain. She works with loss and grief, life transitions, depression and physical health issues.

Sound Healing
Sound is a powerful tool for awakening and attuning your vibration back into alignment with your soul. Using drums, rattles, bells, and toning, Sue interrupts mind patterns and brings you back into your natural rhythm and into a deeper connection with your body and spirit.

Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic tradition. The shamanic practitioner changes their state of consciousness in order to access and retrieve ancient wisdom and lost power. During soul retrieval sessions, Sue works with you to discern the particular part in need of being called home. She also facilitates identifying the reason the part was abandoned in order to help anchor the integration.

Individual Ritual Creation
Personalized rituals are a way to anchor your intention and create more ease and momentum in shifting into your new way of being. Rituals are a powerful way to amplify intentions.



Rituals and Ceremonies

Working in the “Non -Ordinary Realm” ritual and sacred ceremony connect you to the rhythms and forces of nature. Everything is conscious and connected. Through bringing intention into the physical realm…. magic and possibility open up and the power to manifest your dreams and spiritual purpose become a reality. Rates for rituals vary, starting at $250 per hour. Please email or call for free 15 minute consultation. Sue offers a variety of rituals and ceremonies including:

Journey Circles
Shamanic Journeying is a tool that has been traditionally used by indigenous shamans for the healing of individuals and communities. This process is available to anyone. Using drums and rattles to shift your consciousness into non-ordinary reality, a trance-like state, Sue guides you in connecting with your own guides, spirits and animal totems. Through journeying you can get answers to personal questions, solve problems, open creativity, see new ways of being in the world and obtain growth information for yourself and others.

Grief Rituals
The loss of a loved one has profound impact. Often, there can be a feeling of not being complete or a need to honor in a more personal way than offered by conventional traditions. Sue works with family and friends to create a personalized ceremony to honor the uniqueness of your loved one. Also, these rituals can offer a source of closure and release when grief has become stuck or there is need for deep healing and forgiveness.

Special Gatherings
The rhythms of nature such as seasons, moon phases and special planetary alignments all are enhanced by community gathering and ritual. Sue follows guidance in creating special rituals for community and global intention.

Elemental Rituals
Drawn from the Dagara Cosmology elemental rituals use the wisdom of earth, water, fire, mineral and nature to create balance and harmony in your life. Anchored in physical acts of intention you can call in what is needed to bring about wholeness and alignment with your center.

Celebration Ceremonies
Gather your community in a unique celebration of the important moments in your life. Often our world has minimized rites of passage and commercialized very personal events. Through customized ceremonies, create the heart-felt experience that really highlights the fullness and brightness of your life and those in your community. Mark important passages such as birthdays, sacred unions, new life paths, name changes, and baby blessings. Sue works with you to create a one of a kind experience.

Customized Rituals
Group and personalized rituals are a powerful way to amplify and anchor intentions into the real world. Sue loves collaborating with communities and individuals to create their own unique experiences for manifestation, healing and change.


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Clearings & Blessings

Shamans believe that everything has energy including objects, land, people, thoughts and actions. As we interact, we leave energy imprints. Our physical spaces hold our intentions and our repeated patterns of thought and action. This energy can either support us or dampen our efforts to create the lives we desire.

During a clearing/blessing Sue consciously shifts the energy of the environment so that it is in alignment with the clients intentions. Through a variety of methods including; saging, holy water, totems, sound and drumming, rattles, shamanic song, and rituals from many ancient indigenous traditions, Sue clears stagnant and old energy and anchors new intentions and a higher vibration.

House Clearings start at $500 for a two hour session plus $50 per hour travel time. Call for pricing on commercial properties.

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Types of Clearings and Blessings:

  • Help Your Home Sell with Ease
  • Establish a Harmonious Relationship with Your Land, Home, Office
  • Remove Previous Owner’s/Occupant’s Energy
  • Remove Stagnant Energy and Restoring Flow to Space
  • Support Abundance with Milk & Honey Blessings
  • Install Protection & Crystal Energy Grids



Monthly Calendar

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Upcoming Events, Workshops & Classes

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Contact Details

Location: Arlington, MA

Telephone: 508-654-2808

Email: Sue at SueAngelo.com

Questions? Want to Book an Appointment?

Please feel free to call with questions. Appointments are available for private sessions or consultations regarding a ritual, clearing or blessing. Evening and weekend options in addition to weekdays.

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Riding the Shifts and Changes

IMG_0314 Hi Folks,
This has  been a regular question these days.
How do I prepare for all these shifts and changes???
What can I do and how do I share that with others?
Here are a few tips that I am using to navigate these waves of changes.
First:  Know yourself!!!
Who are you? Where is your center and balance in yourself?
What are your dark corners of shadow  and triggers?
How do you bring your self to your core?
Is it through Meditation ,Music, Dance,Movement or Process Work?
Are you reaching out to friends?
For me Nature is a huge help.
I have a few favorite places that I go and sit quietly.
Or walk around where there are a ton of dogs and I can see their happy faces.
I call a friend and share where I am. Most of the time ,we are both navigating the same changes.
Second : Who is your community??
Do you have liked-minded folks in your life?
Who can be with you in your Shadow and Light?
Can you stand in your true open heart?
Is your community in your corner?
Have you taken the time to build and nourish these relationships?
I am the most happiest in community!
Even though I like to Hermit.
Community is who helped me through some very dark times and who I can celebrate my successes with.
They have held my hand, hear my my secrets,cheerleadered me on and held me in love even when I could not find love for myself.
They have nudged me to look at the corners of Shadow and held me thru those times.
Community means Family,Friends,Colleagues,Teachers,and Clients.
Third: Where is your Faith and Trust ???
How is your faith and trust in yourself?
Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe in the community around you?
Can you see where the universe has your back?
How are you building your Faith and Trust?
This has been a huge one for me this year.
I was brought through a Dark Night of the Soul around this.
You see there was this worthiness piece?
How could I be worth of all the gifts the universe was offering?
Could I really receive ? Yet it was more then that.
Was I in acceptance / Did I really believe in myself for what I was offering the world?  Did I trust in who I was ?
Did I believe and have faith that the universe and community had my back?
I found out that  community and universe has my back.
I decided to reach out in the darkness instead staying the hermit.
I asked for help and folks were more than happy to support and reach out.
It was hard to receive the abundance of support. I had to keep coming back to my heart to the acceptance of worthiness and receiving.
The realization that I was not alone was felt to my core.
 Then I reviewed my life and even in  the mist of the tough times, I have always been supported. I realized I had never stopped to be present with all this support.
Fourth: Where is your Love?
How much time are you sitting in judgement of others?
How big is your bat that you use to beat yourself up with your self judgement ?
Are negative thoughts outweighing the positive thoughts?
Are the folks who surround you hold you in love?
I  noticed this morning that on all my version boards which are hanging where I can see them everyday. I did not have the word Love on any of them. I had a whole lot of other words but no Love.
Boy, was I surprise !!  May be I thought I had enough Love and did not need to call it in….
I do not know,I believe there could always be more Love.
I am sitting with this!!
Where is my Love for myself ?
How open is my heart? How well do I receive Love?
Looks Like a new vision board is in order!!!
Many Joyous Blessings, Sue

Nature Supports



Nature shifts our hearts out of the fear and anxiety faster than any man medicine. It is about staying with ourselves thru the shadowy dark times,painful times ,messy ugly times. Staying in these places until we come out like a caterpillar does from it’s cocoon into the beautiful butterfly.
It helps to surround ourselves in the beauty of nature and loving caring friends and family. We feed the Love not the Fear and Anxiety.
Inhaling Love the Love of Nature and Exhaling the Deep Gratitude of all who support me.

When you are these shadowy places and want a hand understanding how to move thru them.

Book a session with Sue at sue@sueangelo.com.
Picture taken By Dianne Spezzaferri.

Day Of Love


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On this day of Love,
I speak to all the Past Loves in my Life
Thank you for kissing my Heart.
To all the Present Loves in my Life.
Thank you for Holding my Heart so sweetly.
To all the Future Loves in my Life.
Thank you for the sparkles in my Heart.
To all the Loves who have crossed over.
Thank you for Gracing my heart.
To My Self Love in my life.
Thank you for showing up each moment.
May you all remember all the loves in your life
No matter the sweetness or bitter sweetness
For it is better to have had the Love.
That is how our hearts grow.
Many Heart fulled Blessings.
Susan Angelo 02/14/2017