Gratitude Log


On this 9th day of Gratitude.
It has been an exciting day with the magic overflowing into today.
Lots of planning going on for the future. It reminds me to sink to what feels right.
Reminds me to check in with my bone medicine .
What is really a Yes for me?
What is a No feel like?
Am I listening to what is good for me/in alignment with my bone medicine?
Am I checking with my wisdom?
Where is my focus?
What is the bigger picture?
Which am I seeing?
The close up picture or the light in the corners…
Deeply grateful for the wisdom that lives within.
Glad it is there to help out.
Glad I take the time to listen to it.
and sit with it’s strength.
Many Strong Blessings.
Susan Angelo 11/09/2015

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