A Daughter’s Heart

Happy May Everyone,
This is the Month ,we celebrate our mothers.May we honor and give thanks to Mother Earth during this month too.
I am very excited to be off to Ireland at the end of the month to walk
labyrinths and do ritual at sacred sites. This trip has been a journey in knowing my Mother’s side of the family. My mom was orphaned at the age of 11 years old.
She became a mom with limited tools.I have spent the last year and half researching her ancestors. It first started when I did a 3 day Ancestor Ceremony and I reconnected my Mom’s Mom’s Mom who I knew absolutely nothing about.Not even her name.
I had asked my Mom in the past “How did I get my name?” You know “I had to be adopted” because no one else had my name in the family. My name is Susan Theresa because lots of folks in the family were named Theresa so she choose Susan then Theresa so I would be different!!!!
During my research I found out that my Great Grandmother’s name is
Susan McLaughlin from Ireland. There was never any mention of her in my lifetime by my Mom who passed in 1993. In a few weeks I will be standing on the land that my Mom’s family came from. I have been sowing the seeds of mending during this last year and half. Here is a writing that came to me during this time.

A Daughter’s Heart

Heartbeats in the womb.
2 Hearts beating as one
Then birth occurs
2 Separate hearts beats
Each growing individually
Mirroring our Daughter’s
Mirroring our Mother’s
Still in Connection.
Susan Angelo 5/2015

Pictures from 2015 Ireland 020

As I journey to Ireland I hold my Mom’s heart in mine and all the mothers from her Ancestors.I hold mending between Mothers and Daughters for 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.For the flame is the bridge of love between Mother and Daughter and I hold the flame brightly.
To know your Ancestors is to know yourself.To know yourself is to know your gifts and heart desires.
Many Blessings as you all travel during this exciting time.
Susan Angelo

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