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Riding the Shifts and Changes

Hi Folks, This has  been a regular question these days. How do I prepare for all these shifts and changes??? What can I do and how do I share that with others? Here are a few tips that I am using to navigate these waves of changes. First:  Know yourself!!!...

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Nature Supports

  Nature shifts our hearts out of the fear and anxiety faster than any man medicine. It is about staying with ourselves thru the shadowy dark times,painful times ,messy ugly times. Staying in these places until we come out like a caterpillar does from it’s cocoon into the beautiful butterfly....

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Day Of Love

  On this day of Love, I speak to all the Past Loves in my Life Thank you for kissing my Heart. To all the Present Loves in my Life. Thank you for Holding my Heart so sweetly. To all the Future Loves in my Life. Thank you for the...

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