Fall Walk


As I walked this Am
I was hold the words of a dear friend Nancy Bleyer said about these last summer days. It was “That these kind of days are what poets write about.”
So as I walked I looked for the poetry in nature and wow what I found touched my heart as did Nancy ‘s comment did. Here are a few words….

Summer is exhaling it’s beauty upon us.
Standing under the shade of a beautiful tree feeling the breeze cool me down.
Listening to the tree’s leaves rustle back and forth.
Relaying it’s message of nature.
Seeing the last explosion of color from the summer flowers.
Seeing the abundant seeds of grow from the summer season.
Seeing the fall flowers as they come into their own.
The seasons shifting slowly like a wave lapping at your feet.
What a medley of amazing nature.
Speaking for all who hears and sees.
Breathing in the beauty that is there.
Gratitude that I can see and feel all this today.
Many Blessings Sue








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