Gratitude Log


The 2nd day of gratitude
On this day of the dead.
I am in gratitude to all my ancestors that came before me.
Grateful. For my parents who did their best with what they had.
What I remember is that they always held hands all the time even after
18 years of marriage.
Grateful for brother David who always brought adventure into my life.
Life was never boring with him.
Grateful for my father’s Father who I grew up in the same house with.
He always made coffee in the percolating pot.
I always loved the smell of coffee and it reminds me of him.
To my father’s sisters who brought all the fun into our family.
I give gratitude to my Mom’s brother Frank who came for Christmas every year after my Dad passed. He brought Christmas back to our family.
Thank u everyone for being part of my life.
Your flame burns in my heart.
Susan Angelo 02/02/2015


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