Gratitude Log


On this 5th day of gratitude.
Mother energy is stretching in my heart.
This brings me to speak of Jessie L Kozak and The Soul Purpose.
Jessie L Kozak holds the energy of Mother Mary.
It has only been in the last 2 years,that I have had a relationship with Mother Mary,which is due to Jessie L Kozak.
All of this allowed me to heal the relationship with my own Mom and for this I am deeply grateful for.
What I have learned this year is the mending I do with my relationship with my Mom,allows for me to learn to Mother myself .
Hold myself with love and compassion.
To nourish myself so I may then be helpful to others.
As this evening closes,I sit in deep gratitude of Jess,Mother Mary,my Birth Mother and my inner self nurturer.
May you be held deeply and nourished with Mother energy as you dream sweetly.
Much Love
Susan Angelo 04/05/2015

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