Gratitude Log


On the 7th day of Gratitude,
My flame was low yesterday, but I knew what I was going to write.
Here it is.
For a couple years ,Nancy Anger has show me how a visionary works.
She welcomed me to teach at her place
Every time I went there ,her employees were very gracious and helpful.
Nancy Anger believed in my work and supported me.
It created a flame and a believe in myself and work.
It has been a great year working at her space and looking forward to next year’s work.
Nancy had no idea I was going to write this and she sent me a sweet text yesterday.I had been constructing what I was going to write and there was her text. Gotta love the magic of it all.
Grateful to have this fire in my belly and folks who model what it looks like.
What is your flame for your life? Have you been feeding it?
I am off to feed my flame at ZuZu’s 10th Annual Holiday New Age Expo.
Hope to see some of u there.
Many Brilliant Blessings for your day.
Susan Angelo 11/07/2015

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