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Well,on this 8th day of Gratitude,
This is a picture that I have used many time because it express today perfectly.
I am learning about Receiving which is tied to Gratitude.
I struggle with asking for help but have got better around it.
Well today was my biggest challenge to ask for help.Thank you Kerry Cudmore for your encouragement.

I have been asking for help with the Expo and finally I found 2 friends who were free today.They were splitting the day.
I had ask a couple folks but no one was free and I was encouraged to keeping asking.
i would have stopped after the first person.
So I had help for the day.

When I got there,I asked a friend’s son if he would help unload the car and he was like sure .We went out and filled the hotel cart and he said I will bring it to your table and he did and unload the cart.

Then one friend came and was the best pitch man for me .
He knew how to answer questions /got folks to sign in and sign up for the Newsletter. then the next friend came and both friends stayed until the end.
Plus great time keepers.

Then the lady next to me son offer to carry my bags out with the help of my other friend. Then I asked again for help with my table and receive more help..

Talk about manifesting the abundance in my life.
Gave Spirit a little help by asking for help.
Then I got out of my own way and received.
OH BOY, Do I have a Heart filled with Gratitude for all that I received.
And a whole lot of Love……

Thank you to Sue who owns ZuZu’s Healing Arts…
For holding the Expo, gives me a place to play.

Thank you Gregory Goltsov,the best pitch man for me.
Amy E. Fenton who helped the afternoon shift and closing out time.
Brian and Andrew whose Moms raised them well. Their beautiful offers of help even thou they have never meet me before.

Thank you to all the clients who had the courage to lay on my table.
To all the folks who stopped by and said Hello.To all who came out today to make this day a success.

Thank you to all the other vendors .Thank u for coming out and playing too.

With a heart filled with Love and Gratitude I bid you all a Good Night.
Susan Angelo 11/08/2015

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