Gratitude Log


On this 10th day of Gratitude.
I really sit in awe of where I was April of 2013 until now.
That is when I started Full time ownership of The Shamanic Spirit Song.
Jessie L Kozak had put together a group of Entrepreneurs lead by Kerry Cudmore. Really I had no experience in running a business and been corporate all my adult life.
Well Kerry Cudmore brings the earth energy of groundness real life around money and how to work with money. I have been part of the Business coaching class for almost 2 year which I have learned ways to be in business that are priceless.
Kerry’s ability to bring light to a subject (money and business) that is almost never talked about is really the priceless ticket.I am so grateful for Kerry and the wisdom she brings. The straight no nonsense approach that she brings has propelled me to where I am.
The folks who have been in the group OMG folks,I am so grateful to all of you. I am totally blessed by each of you. Love you all.
Kerry,thank you for bring the Mamma energy of living Life Large ,No Fear!!!!
Try it you will like it…. What a Ride and Thank you.
So tonight Folks, What is your Yes in your Life?
What do you want to shine brightly in and bring abundance to.
Sweet dreams of being held so completely by Mother Earth and all who bring that energy.
Hugs to you all.
Susan Angelo 11/10/2015

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