Gratitude LOG


On this 15th day of Gratitude.
I am really grateful to all the connections I have in my world.
To the human beings who are in my circles and groups.
I went to the Expo today and hugged everyone I know there.
Took about 2 hours.My heart was really happy.
Here is a dream,if everyone went to each person they know and give them a hug over the next few months.
Maybe the love from all those hugs will help with the fear and anxiety and hate that is being felt around the world.
Maybe the love will transmute the fear.
I know it is a dream.May it be so.
So open your arms and your hearts and hug to generating the Love.
I lay my head down to dream Big.
Many Loving Blessings to the whole world.

Susan Angelo 11/15/2015

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