Riding the Shifts and Changes

IMG_0314 Hi Folks,
This has  been a regular question these days.
How do I prepare for all these shifts and changes???
What can I do and how do I share that with others?
Here are a few tips that I am using to navigate these waves of changes.
First:  Know yourself!!!
Who are you? Where is your center and balance in yourself?
What are your dark corners of shadow  and triggers?
How do you bring your self to your core?
Is it through Meditation ,Music, Dance,Movement or Process Work?
Are you reaching out to friends?
For me Nature is a huge help.
I have a few favorite places that I go and sit quietly.
Or walk around where there are a ton of dogs and I can see their happy faces.
I call a friend and share where I am. Most of the time ,we are both navigating the same changes.
Second : Who is your community??
Do you have liked-minded folks in your life?
Who can be with you in your Shadow and Light?
Can you stand in your true open heart?
Is your community in your corner?
Have you taken the time to build and nourish these relationships?
I am the most happiest in community!
Even though I like to Hermit.
Community is who helped me through some very dark times and who I can celebrate my successes with.
They have held my hand, hear my my secrets,cheerleadered me on and held me in love even when I could not find love for myself.
They have nudged me to look at the corners of Shadow and held me thru those times.
Community means Family,Friends,Colleagues,Teachers,and Clients.
Third: Where is your Faith and Trust ???
How is your faith and trust in yourself?
Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe in the community around you?
Can you see where the universe has your back?
How are you building your Faith and Trust?
This has been a huge one for me this year.
I was brought through a Dark Night of the Soul around this.
You see there was this worthiness piece?
How could I be worth of all the gifts the universe was offering?
Could I really receive ? Yet it was more then that.
Was I in acceptance / Did I really believe in myself for what I was offering the world?  Did I trust in who I was ?
Did I believe and have faith that the universe and community had my back?
I found out that  community and universe has my back.
I decided to reach out in the darkness instead staying the hermit.
I asked for help and folks were more than happy to support and reach out.
It was hard to receive the abundance of support. I had to keep coming back to my heart to the acceptance of worthiness and receiving.
The realization that I was not alone was felt to my core.
 Then I reviewed my life and even in  the mist of the tough times, I have always been supported. I realized I had never stopped to be present with all this support.
Fourth: Where is your Love?
How much time are you sitting in judgement of others?
How big is your bat that you use to beat yourself up with your self judgement ?
Are negative thoughts outweighing the positive thoughts?
Are the folks who surround you hold you in love?
I  noticed this morning that on all my version boards which are hanging where I can see them everyday. I did not have the word Love on any of them. I had a whole lot of other words but no Love.
Boy, was I surprise !!  May be I thought I had enough Love and did not need to call it in….
I do not know,I believe there could always be more Love.
I am sitting with this!!
Where is my Love for myself ?
How open is my heart? How well do I receive Love?
Looks Like a new vision board is in order!!!
Many Joyous Blessings, Sue

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