“The most unique experience, refreshing and so natural. It was as if Sue was speaking from my soul. Although I have never had a healing by Sue before, the songs and chanting were so familiar to me. I felt as if my soul was expressing itself…a freeing experience!” – Dawn

“Sue’s healings are incredible at releasing blocks and old patterns. She has helped me tremendously with forgiveness and letting go of what I can’t control.” – Jess

“I have had healing’s with Sue. She spoke a different language a chant of sorts yet I felt that I understood every word she said. She spoke directly to my heart reaching a depth of my soul that I had forgotten existed. She created a sacred space that could be felt, a feeling of safeness overcame me. She left me feeling aware of my heart space, aware that my feet were planted into the earth and that I was a child of the earth. Sue is an incredible Shaman that can see what is needed if you are not sure. I recommend her healing’s to all, as they are as special and unique as this gifted Shaman.” – M.J.

“I had an amazing and wondrous healing with Sue in her new office in Sudbury! She is one incredible healer. With her help, I am ready to jump off the runaway train I have been on and into my new life with resonance and a sense of my own abilities. Sue helped me move into more trust in myself and into a clear plan of action. Her healing came at just the right time. Sue, I love you!!” – Suzanne

“Sue listens to what is going on, tunes into intuition and broad experience and then calls in the wisdom of the universe to create a unique session. Incorporating words, actions, and affirmations, I was taken on a journey to the core of who I am and reclaimed that place of strength, clarity and direction.” – Lydia

“The great thing about Sue is that she really takes the time to give each person what they need. I’ve watched her do healings with others and it’s different for each person. Using visions, imagery, and sound she creates an energetic landscape that represent the work we’ll be doing for the day. Her rituals with me are always insightful and moving. But most of all, the feeling I leave with each time is this strong, deep feeling of being loved. Sue is truly a gift that everyone should experience.” – Maria Yunis

“Susan creates a wonderful healing space using ancestral bonds and connections to facilitate healing, love and support. Spirit guided song and sound healing along with loving guidance that opens your heart and spirit to all that is. You feel empowered and filled with PURPOSE and a deeper connection to your INTENTIONS.

I’m feeling much better. Been laying really really low all week due to icky sicky. Just had an amazing shamanic healing and a verrry long discussion and guidance for myself and my husband from my very good friend Susan Angelo. She gives a wonderful shamanic healing and wise insight. Much love and gratitude for my friends who remind me to keep my heart open.” – Nancy Bleyer

“The last year of my life has been extremely challenging. A move, a breakup, an IRS audit, and the death of my mother, all came crashing down on my head in one year. I knew I needed help and Sue was the first person I turned to. In just a few minutes on the table, she had me feeling balanced and aligned again. Sure, I was still grieving, but somehow I felt better about it and I didn’t feel so completely overwhelmed with my life anymore. If you are looking for peace of mind amid massive stress, Sue is the person you want.” – Kelle Sparta

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