Time of Change and Growth

Hello Everyone,
September is here.
Time for change and learning.
Time for gathering and cooking the abundant harvest from the garden.
Time for all the students to head back to school,marking the beginning of a  new year of growth.
Time for Parents to take notice of how much their child has grow and feel the sadness of time moving so quickly.
Times for growth and opportunities that will expand our journeys down this Life Path.
We can use this change and growth to be a creative force in our lives.
How do I want to use this time to build upon my inner strengthens and deepen my growth?
                                   pictures from 2015 ireland 409
I have spent the summer integrating all the information from Ireland and my Mom.
I was able to obtain the birth and death certificates for my Mom’s parents.
I could now see my great grandmother’s Name in print: Susan Neylon McLaughlin from Clara Ireland. Connections grow and  I now know more about my roots.
I know about the Irish Roots and I can grow  and transform my inner being.
I can bury what no longer services me in honor and respect.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pictures from 2015 Ireland 263
Move on with new eyes and openings.
Bringing the Curiosity to my soul that will help me walk in this new way.
Bringing Compassion to my soul that the old ways were hard and the new ways can be different.
Bringing Love to my soul ,that I have been waiting for all my life.
Bringing Gratitude to my soul that I continue to change and grow to stand in a deeper Knowing.
Bringing Abundance to my soul that allows for the flow of life force energy in my being.
Bringing my true authentic self back to me.

I step forward into this Fall Time of abundance and connection with a curious and excited heart.
I wish that you all may embrace this Fall change with the abundance it offers all of us.
Knowing that there are all different emotions with all the different colors at this time.
Many Blessings to you all.
Susan Angelo 09/01/2015

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