Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn
This is a time to sit on  Mother Earth with Gratitude and Balance.
Calling your Life Force Energy back to you.
Holding yourselves deep within.
Harvesting the abundance from the garden and nourishing your bodies.
 I have spent the last month processing the old energies that no longer serve me.
Releasing all theses energies to Mother Earth and the Blood Moon.
The balancing  the Masculine and Feminine energies in me with the help of the Earth and Moon. The Light and Dark energies that balanced at the Fall Equinox.
As I processed the old energies out, making room for the new energies to come in.
I made  a request for certain energy to come and it did and in a big way.
I was like  “Well  I did not make that BIG of a  request .”
If I am ready for all that I request from the Universe,you know .. Really Ready to Receive
Which I felt like I had been receiving well.
What about receiving bigger than I requested, Could I receive that?????
I had been quietly requesting a snake skin for about 2 weeks.
Speaking to No humans about this request.
On the Fall Equinox,I was gifted a 7 1/2 ft.Rattlesnake skin,
First Reaction,  Was like that really is too big….
Then I sat with it, and received this message:
When the Universe sends me BIG Gifts,
I can grow into them with the Universe’s help.
This snake skin has helped me grow with the abundance.
Snake Medicine is about Balance and Flow.
Connection to Mother Earth.. Belly to Belly…
How ready are you to receive?
How big  can you receive?
Can you receive beyond your wildest dreams!!!!!!
That is what I am lining up for
 “TO Receive Beyond My Wildest Imagination.”
Here I go……..Imagining…….
Many Blessings Friends
May you receive your  Wildest Dreams.
Susan Angelo 10/02/2015

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