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Hello Everyone,

I am so glad you came by to visit the website.

Like a flower I have been germinating about this website for 5 years. I planted a seed and have been sowing and watering it all this time. Shamanic Spirit Song has changed and grown.

I am coming up to the first year of being fulltime as an owner of Shamanic Spirit Song. Having left the Medical Field after 31 years of working as a Radiology Technologist. What an amazing growth and stretching time it has been for me. Learning different hats you have to wear as an owner like The Manager, Bookkeeper, Computer Person, Practitioner, Teacher and Student.

My true desire has been to live from my true authentic self and life purpose, which I have fulfilled by working as a practitioner. I reap the rewards by working with folks who want to change and grow and to extend a helping hand.

I have an optimistic attitude about building Shamanic Spirit Song and community, which is my true heart’s desire. To be part of a community where everyone brings their special abilities to create all our possibilities and bringing harmony and balance on this Earth where our spirits are received and rejoiced. To see the life review and breath in and exhale the old patterns and clear the way for the New stories and Spiritual Freedom and a place where we can recognize our own rhythms and we can be in nature and breathe with it.

I am dreaming big with multiply possibilities and receiving the abundance that is offered to me.

This is the seed I have planted in my heart and I hold aspirations of great joy to see this flower bloom.

I am grateful for all the family, friends, and other entrepreneurs who have supported and extended a helping hand to me. I want to thank Trish Blain, for creating the website and helping the flower bloom. Community has helped me water and sow this flower.

Deep Gratitude and Many Blessings.
Sue Angelo, owner of Shamanic Spirit Song

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