How to clear your house, yourself and your crystals!

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Date(s) - 27/04/2019
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Blossom Healings

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Cost: $150.00 (includes crystals & supplies)

How to clear your House, Yourself and your Crystals!
Shamans believe that everything has energy including objects, land, people, thoughts, and actions. As we interact, we leave energy imprints. Our physical spaces hold our intentions and our repeated patterns of thought and action. This energy can either support us or dampen our efforts to create the lives we desire.

During this workshop, Sue will offer a variety of methods including; smudging, holy water, totems, sound, drumming, rattles, shamanic song, and rituals from many ancient indigenous traditions.

Sue will share her knowledge and methods on how to work with these subtle and sometimes not so subtle energies and what is needed to clear them.

There will be directions on how to clear homes and how to reconnect folks to their land/houses.

You will learn how to clear your own energy. This includes setting up protection before, during, and after working with other people and/or their homes.

You will be taught various techniques on how to clear and keep your crystals charged.

Each participate will receive a clearing kit.

Cost: $150.00 (includes crystals & supplies)

Listed here are some reasons why a clearing would be needed. Each reason has different instructions, which will be reviewed and taught in the workshop.

Help Your Home Sell with Ease

Establish a Harmonious Relationship with Your Land, Home, Office

Remove Previous Owner’s/Occupant’s Energy

Remove Stagnant Energy and Restoring Flow to Space

Support Abundance with Milk & Honey Blessings

Install Protection & Crystal Energy Grids

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